Hi guys!

Before anything else, thanks for visiting my website. If you already follow me on Instagram you know what kind of image I make and edit, if you don't, just take a look at my gallery.
Unlike other users, I dont' have a defined style in my photos, I just post what I want and what I like but candy colors is always a good choice.
If you want to know more about me, just go to the bottom of the page.

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My gallery

Hope you like it!


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That's How I do my stuffs

Canon 100D



A little bit about me


My name is Luis Vilanova. Right now I'm living in Madrid but I was born and raised in the beautiful Galicia, north of Spain.

I'm an industrial engineer and web developer.

Actually I don't really know how I ended up making editions and photos every day, just happened.

Random info about me:
I love music, I almost listen to everything, but if I've got to choose: Jack Johnson, Ben Howard and Norah Jones are the best. I miss the ocean every day. I like the rain. I can spend hours editing pics. I love coffee.

If you have any question just DM me on Instagram and I answer ASAP.